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Coffee with the Principal Dates

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Principal's Welcome

"Hey there Dominguez High School Dons, this is Don Watson and I'm your new proud principal of DHS; where we have an amazing history of academic, professional and athletic success. I'm so excited to begin my service as your new principal.


Remember, at Dominguez High School we are all Dons. The most important part of being a Don is understanding that YOU are a gift to our Don family.  Together, we will make Dominguez High School THEE model high school in the city of Compton.  I love you Dons, lets have an excellent year!"

Principal's Welcome

Message from the Principal

Greetings Don Parents/Guardians and Community Members,

We are off and running. We had a wonderful kickoff for the 2017-18 school year. Our children are wonderful, and they have been demonstrating their Dominguez High School Don PRIDE by their enthusiasm for learning, their positive behavior, and modeling “The Don Way” All Dons Love, Listen, Lead, and Learn!  "The Don Way" is a critical component to the school’s vision to empower students to become resilient, responsible, and contributing participants in their communities by developing the skills necessary to compete in a global society. We believe our vision and “The Don Way” are necessary in preparing students for college, leadership, life, and career.

I’d like to spend a moment to address some of the new expectations and procedures here at Dominguez High School. These expectations were put in place to help maintain a school learning environment that is academically rich, and physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe.     


New Expectations & Procedures

There are three clear and high expectations we need all Dons to follow this year:

Don Essential #1

Be present, on time and ready to learn everyday.  Our goal is to reach 95% daily student attendance rate!  Make sure your child is on campus no later than 7:50am each morning!

Don Essential #2

Honor the Dress Code

Don Essential #3

All students and staff must wear their ID everyday.


Common Assessments:

Every 5-6 weeks your child will take a common learning assessment in both Math and English classes. These will allow teachers to discuss instructional practices and regroup students so those who have mastered course skills and knowledge can progress, while students who need more time to master the intended skills and knowledge can get the support they need.


Aeries Parent Portal:

Log on to the parent portal, Aeries to learn what your child is learning each week, including homework assignments and scores on tests and quizzes.  It is expected that teachers update this information every two weeks. In addition, you can see your child’s daily attendance record for each class. See Ms. Portillo in the Parent Center to find out how you can access the parent portal from a computer or your cell phone.


On Time Daily Attendance:

Based on last year’s attendance data, 1 out of every 6 returning students was a habitual truant - arriving 30 minutes or later to class.  The cafeteria is open each morning at 7:30am for breakfast and is a safe space to complete schoolwork. The library is also open for tutoring. Teachers are required to be on campus by 7:45am, but many arrive much earlier.  So, classrooms are open for students to find a safe place with a caring adult when they first arrive. Improving 1st period attendance is one of our major priorities this year. The first bell of the day rings at 7:55am and all students should report to campus by 7:50am, ready to learn.  Parents should do their best to ensure our learners are on campus by the recommended reporting time- 7:50am. Our goal is to minimize wandering through the halls after 8am, which disturbs the learning environment in other classrooms.  We expect students to be prepared for learning at 7:55am.  


Focus on the “Dons”:

Each DHS student is a proud “Don” first! Students should introduce themselves to all community members with the surname “Don,” followed by their first name. For example, a student named Andrew will introduce himself as “Don Andrew.” And, Susana will be “Dona Susana.”  Not only is it important for all adults (the administrators, counselors, plant workers, and office staff) to learn students’ names, but we also need to identify student “dons.” Our “dons” are the positive attributes, virtues, and character traits our students bring with them each day.  We expect students to be prepared to answer the question, What is your Don?, sincerely and reflectively in an effort to increase self-awareness and self-esteem.


After School Tutoring:

We have two opportunities available for after school academic tutoring: 1) CSUDH Project Reach Tutors - College students will be in the library Mon-Thurs from 3-4pm to tutor students in all subjects, and 2) ASB student leaders will be in R-11 each day, except Wednesdays to provide peer tutoring.


Dress Code:

Any students wearing clothing that is disruptive to the academic environment will be sent to the main office.  We will call parents/guardians to ask you to bring a change of clothing for your child, or we will offer students a DHS t-shirt, shorts, or sweatpants. Any student who cannot have a change of clothing brought to school or refuses to wear DHS clothing will remain in the office for the day.  


Student Support & Misconduct Policy:

We have adopted a restorative approach to student misconduct.  Building relationships and meaningful connections with all students is fundamental to this approach. We believe that “connecting to correct behavior is far better than catching to punish.”  Suspending students from the classroom and school does not correct behavior.  In fact, when students miss school they do not learn. California Education Code clearly outlines suspendable offenses. However, we will not be quick to suspend without seeking other ways of correcting the behavior through reflection, service, character development, and/or mentoring.    


We expect all students to follow school rules. Some examples of our restorative approach to correcting student behavior include:

  • Working with students to empower them to take on a leadership role in the classroom and/or on campus

  • Community building or conflict resolution circle  

  • Daily check in & check out with an adult

  • Teacher/administrator/counselor phone call to parent or parent conference

  • Assigned hours of campus community service

  • An assigned adult mentor on campus or in the community

  • Upon return from an out-of-school suspension, we will host a parent/student restorative conference, with a written reflection, before student returns to class

Once a student is placed on a behavior contract, they may not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities, including athletics.  Once they fulfill the expectations in the contract, they will be able to participate once again.  

I thank you for supporting our school-wide expectations and procedures.  Our goal is to ensure your child a safe, orderly, and academically enriching environment. Guaranteeing this for the 1,850 students enrolled at Dominguez High School is the Don Way!


Progress Reports:

The first quarter of classes (first 10 weeks) ends on Friday, October 20th, and marks the midpoint of semester 1.     


Contact Information:

If you have concerns, your first point of contact should be your child’s guidance counselor.  Our counselors are:


Counselor Name Grade Level Case Load Room Number Phone Extension
Dona Brewer 12 A-Z F-5 42788
Dona Conchas 11 A-Z F-5 68282
Dona Moore 10 A-L F-1 42789
Dona Washington 10 M-Z F-1 68223
Dona Roman 9 A-L F-2 68304
Dona Buycks 9 M-Z F-2 68370


Each grade level also has an administrator. Our grade administrators are Don Watson (12th grade), Don Taylor (11th grade), Don Ikeokonta (10th grade), and Dona Cordova (9th grade). Please feel free to contact your child’s grade-level administrator if you cannot reach a counselor or you feel your issue warrants administrative attention.  


We are all here help your child develop into a special young adult.  The world is looking for someone special!  We will continue to be here to serve you.  I look forward to meeting you all at one of our school events.  See you soon!



Don Watson, Principal