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AP Spanish Club

Annual H.O.P.E. Canned Food Drive
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AP Spanish Club


Club Advisers
  Erica Rojas Teacher
  Karina Suarez Teacher

When and Where

When:  1st and 3rd Wednesdays

Where: G-7

Time:   Lunch


AP Spanish Club

The purpose of DHS AP Spanish Club is to provide exposure to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture, promote cultural diversity among its members, and create awareness or sensitivity to cultural differences in both the school setting and in the broader community.  Our goal is to keep former and current DHS AP Spanish Club members actively involved in experiences that promote and/or preserve cultural diversity, as well as, develop healthy leadership and interpersonal skills to encourage members to aspire for higher educational opportunities and become upstanding role models and citizens in both school and the community. 

The club honors the importance of helping the community by participating in community service projects which include the HOPE Can Food Drive to honor the former AP Spanish Advisor’s legacy.