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Class of 2020


Class Shirt

ASB Access Pass

Fun Day

Movie Night

Knott's Berry/Scary Farm



Payments can only be made on Fridays at the student store.  Prices go up after January 01, 2018 and over 50% of your class needs to participate.  Get involved and get active!


Below you will find the pricing schedule for those who would like to make payments:


Date Due                  Payment Number           Amount

08/09/17                             #1                       $25.00


09/29/17                             #2                       $30.00


11/16/17                             #3                       $30.00


12/15/17                             #4                       $10.00



A few things to remember regarding refunds:


  • Once you have decided to use the payment schedule, NO REFUNDS will be given.
  • We purchase items in large amounts so please make good decisions.
  • After January 1, the price will go up.  In order to lock in your price you must be on the payment schedule or pay in full.
  • We want you involved and we are glad you chose to attend school at DHS where we are family!

Class Council

The purpose of the Class Council Officer Committee is to unite all class officers (9th-12th). In doing so, all members will assist one another in remaining on-task and focused ensuring a successful year of class events.


In addition, the CCO will create and preserve their Class Council. The Class Council will consist of a minimum of 9 members from each represented class.


The CCO will meet monthly in order to discuss goals of future events, present problematic situations as topics of discussion, reflect on past events and their success/ failures, and provide support for one another.



President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer




5-10 class representatives






The class Representatives includes of all four Class Councils. Meeting each semester, TCR will discuss the events of all the classes and bring forth opinion of said activities.